FAQs - General

What is the best time of the year to visit UAE?

The best months to visit UAE is from September to February. The months from March to August are hot but can fetch you amazing deals for the tours and hotels.

How many months in advance should I book my tours?

We recommend booking at least a month or two in advance as seats are limited and sell out quickly during the tourist season.

What clothing is recommended in public areas?

UAE is an Arab country and welcomes people of all cultural backgrounds. One must respect the customs and traditions of the people of the country. Dress respectfully while in public areas. Public display is not appreciated and can be considered offensive behavior.

Is drinking alcohol allowed in UAE?

Alcohol is available at restaurants and bars across UAE but drinking in public is an offence.

FAQs - Desert Safari

Do pick up and drop off times vary for the desert safari?

Yes, pick and drop timings change monthly depending on the sunrise and sunset timings.

What clothing is recommended for the desert?

Comfortable clothing along with lots of sunscreen is recommended. Also do carry cap/hat, scarf, sunglasses and a camera. Jackets are recommended during the winter months.